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Should I buy a Jaguar XK?


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Hello and Merry Christmas.  Let me start with a confession - I don't own a Jaguar (yet).  I am sorely tempted to get an XK and I even have "executive approval" (well, she hasn't actually said a straight "no" yet so, that's like a "yes" isn't it?).  I am only going to be able to stretch to a relatively "old" car, and I can afford up to £20K, which will get me a ten year old, 50K miles model, judging by Autotrader.

I commute York to Leeds, which is about 30 miles each way of fast dual carriage way, and then A1 and M1.

What should I know before I get serious about this?  Heart is ruling head just now and I need a bit of balance.  Can I expect good reliability?  Are the running costs for a "commuter car" likely to be prohibitive?  How long will a set of tyres last (I drive very carefully nowadays)?  Is servicing expensive (I am mechanically sympathetic and like to look after my cars)? 

I know I would love the car, and it would be a bit of an ambition achieved to own one, but I need to be a little practical too!

Appreciate your comments and advice - Ed

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Go for it!

It is the things that we don't do in life which we regret, and if you don't do it you will always wish you had.

I have had mine two and a half years, and it has cost me nothing other than an indicator lamp bulb, and a brake lamp bulb: Less than 10 quid, and the smile has never left my face the whole time I have had it!

OK, so MPG will probably be in the lower 20s, but depreciation is minimal. People pay so much attention to Mpg and very little to depreciation, even though depreciation is usually much greater than the cost of the petrol.

The only down side is that it is basically a two seater, the back seats being suitable for very little. If you can live with that, go for it.

If you do decide to go for it, let us know, and you will get lots of advice: They are pretty bulletproof, but there are things to look out for.

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