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Hi everyone new jaguar specialists garage

Sarfraz mughal

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Hi all i am sarfraz for short saf, i am 27 and have always been mad about jaguars, i have a 420g mk10 and a 2010 Jaguar xj lwb,  right having owned alot of jags and a garage for 11 years (level 3 certified) ive learnt alot about jaguars, im looking to open a garage and name it the Jaguar specialists can someone give me idea of where will be best possible place so im not in competition and also give me idea of what the chances of it runing will be, i have cut corners in the past and all it does is bite you back harder, i have intention of a clean fresh start. Looking to hear from all of you thanks.

ps name some areas where majority jag owners will be th

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Welcome to the club, Saf.

There is always a need for good and reliable garages, and there are a lot of Jaguars in the West Midlands.

I have used the same mobile mechanic for the last 14 years, so I could not say where he best place is to start a business, but I am sure other might be able to assist.

Good Luck


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