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Limp Home Mode from cold start


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Twice now in cold weather. Car starts first time and drive off. Start to accelerate on to dual carriageway within 1/2 mile - car goes into limp home mode. When car stopped and engine turned off and allowed to go cold car starts and I can drive off without further problems for months. Any thoughts?

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there are some cheap obd2 readers on eBay and amazon ranging from £5 plus it can be touch a go getting a good one if you are a technical person you can get bluetooth ones for android phones or wifi ones for iphones you would need an app like torqe pro on the phone you could can have it hooked up while driving and it will check your fuel trims which as well as the codes would point you towards the problem there are also the more expensive ones that can scan everything on your car engine transmission abs ect you could also get a garage to run a scan on your car then you check the codes on eBay or post them on here 

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