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Parking Aid Module

Andy X400 3.0

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Hi there the module is located in the boot on the left hand side in the spare tire well. There is plenty on eBay for sale.

Are you sure it's the module. Do the sensors make a clicking noise when the car is stationary and in reverse?

If it's the sensors that are faulty and it's the rear ones I have 4 for sale


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I have an issue with my reverse parking sensors in that when I start the car I get a long squeal. When I put it into reverse I get the same long squeal. But nothing happens when I reverse (ie. it doesn't beep).

You mention a clicking noise - where should I hear this (ie. should I hear it from the dirvers seat or do I have to listen at the sensors themselves)?

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Hi Paul , the clicking noise should be coming from all four sensors . If you put your car in reverse with the ignition on , go round the back and put your ear to each of the sensors you should hear a clicking noise coming from each one .

Regards ,


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Thanks Andy.

I listened and the clicking was heard from them all fairly loudly (from about 6 inches away) with the exception of the driver outside one which was faint and you needed to be right up to it, but it was still audible. The clicking sounds like an electricity 'spark'?

I found the module where the spare wheel was and reseated the plugs. No change. Still a loud long beep when I put the ignition on or when it goes into reverse.


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Well come to the club, Kris.

If you check out the David Manners Group Website you will see that they have a very good parts catalogue with part numbers.

They will also advise and probably give you the information you need if you telephone them.  They will also supply genuine Jaguar Parts.

They are relatively local to me and I have used them several times.

Let us know how you get on.



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