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Notchy manual gear change

David Martin

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Our 2003, 95,000 mile has no got the slickest of gear changes. It is particularly notchy when engaging first and second gear and the gate always feels a little imprecise .

First is even a little obstructive to engage at rest.

Is this a characteristic of this engine , gearbox and 4 wheel drive system or could it be wear in the gear change linkage or elsewhere? It does make driving the car around town rather less pleasant than it could be.

Many thanks as ever.


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I'd say the linkages are either worn or dry, might just need all the joints oiling

there like a clip on ball joints and when they get dry can make it notchy

also they can come loose and make it difficult to select gears

here is a link to a Jaguar x-type workshop manual that covers it, which can be downloaded

http://www.the-colliers.net/docs/public/guides & manuals/Jaguar Workshop Manual X-Type 2001-2009.pdf

hope this helps



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