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Is it likely to be a dualmass flywheel


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Having just replaced the alternator the clutch has been making a noise so question is is the car likely to have dualmass flywheel or normal flywheel due to having conflicting searches for clutch kits more are coming back with the CF1 engine code dont know if thats mine but it covers 2.2d from 2001-2009 and the results are normal clutch.

Am i going to get a better answer by phoning Jaguar direct to find out what type i am going to have by giving engine number or chassis number.

I would phone up my parts suppliers but there not open till monday and even they may supply the wrong part not happene before but could as not had Jaguar for long, and they did supply wright alternater and belt for around £100 with a 2 year warranty. new to the Jaguar so need help as you may see by all my other posts.

Thanks  Julian.

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Sure they all have a dual mass flywheel

if you look here https://www.britishparts.co.uk/t/jaguar/jaguar-x-type/gearbox

they list the dual mass fywheel for both petrol and diesel

if you look at the pics standard flywheels are all one piece, ones in the pics show separate centre, with rubber between the two, its the rubber that fails and they start to vibrate and move as the rubber perishes



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