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Hi guys. Just traded in my bmw m5 for a 2014 xf r sport. Love the car and am hoping it's slightly more reliable than my previous car haha. 

Right point 1. My reverse camera. When I put it into reverse it verbs straight away like I'm going to hit something even though there is nothing there. It also shows a small yellow square which flashes intermittently.  Any ideas what is wrong with it ? 


2nd point. Side sights,  when I unlock the car the drl lights light up bright then go dull. I want them on bright all the time. Is this possible. 

Any advice greatly appreciated 

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Just a guess about your rear camera but if your car is on a slope the camera picks the road up and shows the yellow square you mention so not a problem unless your camera is loose in its housing worth checking.

second point No don't think you can change this without getting into the program and to do that you need special equip.

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On 3/26/2017 at 9:54 PM, Gazb said:

I'll keep looking. Still not got the hang of finding everything on the menu yet. 


Lights are normal..Unlock bright + with puddle lamps on mirrors..Then go dim and unless you start the car will auto turn off. With the engine running the lights will be bright when driving in daylight but dim once the head lamps are used. On the other problem might be worth checking a rear sensor is not blocked with dry polish.

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Yea finally figured out if you leave the lights off Wen your driving they are bright haha. Joys of figuring out a new car. 

Don't think my r sport has puddle lights. Nothing comes on Wen I open the door. 


Getting new sensors fitted tomoz.


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Hi Gazb

Just bought an xfrs too. Know what you mean about getting used to all the gizmos, my son had a play with the touch screen, couldnt understand why my hands were hot and sweaty

untill I relaised he had turnt the heated stearing wheel on.

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