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Low windscreen wash and warning


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Can anybody advise on whether the XF low windscreen wash dashboard warning message is standard or an option? Travelling home last night I noticed that the windscreen wash had stopped working on every request (press the end of the wiper stalk), but did operate every now and then. I assumed it had run low, and only operates every fourth request (I think I read this in the manual), so I tried it again and again, but there seemed to be no rationale as to when it would squirt, and no warning sign to tell me the reservoir was low.

Does anybody know if this sounds normal, or should I expect to see a warning on the dashboard when the reservoir is low and whether there might be a problem emerging? I've only had the car less than one month so it's still under warranty, but am due to take a long journey next weekend and the last thing I need this time of year is no windscreen wash (I'm not sure if I'm even road-worthy without it!!!!).

Thanks for any help/advice.


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Worth keeping a eye on the fluid manually rather than relying on the electronics as usually when a warning comes up its already too late to stop somewhere and top up, usually at great cost (albeit 60 pence). Maybe worth carrying a container with pre-mixed screenwash as an emergency supply.

If you think there is an issue, e.g. the fluid is leaking out or similar then I would take it up with the dealer though whilst its under warranty.


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