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Rear anti roll bar


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Hi Joe , I changed both drop links about 4 weeks ago, which had made the sound more pronounced and when we looked underneath could feel some movement on 1 side of the Bush but nothing on the other side, so assuming the roll bar has broke. 

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Could just be the anti roll bar mounts bushes, where the anti-roll bar is mounted to the body/sub frame, there a rubber bush in like a u clamp, if that was worn out it would give you them symptoms

but could also be anti-roll bar as you say, but there quite thick

if it has broke, I would of thought you would notice the car would be a lot more softer side to side and would roll at lot more



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Hi Only just had chance to take a close look by removing rear wheel , I also undid the drop link and found by trying to move the anti roll bar it moved slightly but think the bush holding it quite tight and didn't want to pull too hard, I believe it is the bar broke in the bush as bush looks very sturdy. Is this a very hard job too change? 

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