Gordon Mac

S type EPB problem

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can anybody help please. Just bought my 3rd jag. But first s type. Got a problem with electric handbrake. Sometimes stays on after I start car. Is there an easy way to get going again and, what is likely to be the problem???? Forgot to say, is a 57 plate 2.7 diesel auto.

                         Regards Gordon Mac


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Hi and Welcome Gordon

It could be a few things really, from a low battery, dodgy epb motor, sticky brake caliper, or tight handbrake cables

disconnecting the battery usually clears it, but make sure you have the stereo code first

there a way of testing the epb, directly by dabbing 12v on the epb motor wire in the boot

have a look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xebdRYwtjE

with the clip above you will be able to drive the parking brake on and off

basically the epb, memorizes a reached position for parking brake on and parking brake off, if it cant reach that position it will cause a fault



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