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david moore

drive out,...... 2.0d x type

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well its been some time since I took the jag out for a good run!  so today me and my wife left Hinckley in Leicestershire taking a stop at a fuel station and placed  £30 of diesel in the tank.  so we taken the m6 motorway,  then onto m54 all the way to shrewsbury ...( with cruise control on)  then it was all ( A roads) with some lovely welsh countryside to take in.  after a good 3hrs+ journey we ended up at barmouth..... the jag ran superb at an average motorway speed of 70/90mph,  then when on the ( A roads) 50/60mph with a comfortable ride all the way there.  everything worked to which  button I pressed !..... it just made the journey so easy,  but the best thing was when we got back at the end of the day ?  it only cost in fuel £30 :yahoo:  so ive given the old girl ( the jag) I good wash and clean, PS my wife says I love my jag more than her.....I wish I could answer that ?  ?  ?  

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