2005 S Type Sport. Self mesh grill insertation

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Hi so I've just ordered the mesh grill insert my for my 2005 S Type Sport. It apparently comes with pretty good instructions and photos etc so going to do myself. Tried searching YouTube but can't seem to find any videos showing how to do this. Maybe I'm searching wrong does anyone have any tips or links to any videos. 


Also different subject thinking of changing standard air panel filter to a K&N panel filter. Does anyone currently use one and is it worth It?

Any advice grateful.


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Hi Matt

I looked into the K&N filter and also tried one, there next to no difference in go or performance, on my S-type R

so I removed it, after doing some research they can let dirt through and the oil off the filter gets transfered to the maf, which means it needs cleaning regular or you get engine management faults

here are some pics I took on my filters and the oe Jaguar does a far better job of been a air filter, there much more surface area on the OE Jaguar one



have a look here





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