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Hi fellow Jaguar owners. I have question about remapping. I am thinking of having my 2007 S-Type 2.7D remapped. This will increase the bhp and torque settings but more importantly will improve fuel consumption rates and apparently reduce CO2 emissisions. There seems to be a debate as to whether I have to notify my insurers of the modification. I am led to believe that some insurers will not insure a remapped car, would that be true? If my insurers are one of those who will not,  do any of you know of one that will? I also own a 1998 4.0 V8 XJ8 an would welcome any advice about insuring both cars.

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You are absolutely correct in your suggestion that your insurer must be informed Graham. Not to do so would be to render your insurance null and void.

Please do not be taken in with the idea that a re-map is undetectable as well. I have chaired more than one trial in Court where the ECU map was forensically examined and compared to the manufacturer standard and found to  have been altered.

It would be as well to do a little research prior to committing to the re-map to find a sympathetic insurer.

As an example, Sainsburys insurance allowed me to have the re-map at no extra cost but they charged me a premium of £20 when I had the bonnet leaper fitted  :)

Having said that, my previous S-Type had the same engine as yours and I really did notice the re-map. I had mine done by DK remaps and they actually download the map while you are in the car and if, during a test drive,  you are less than happy, the operator talks to the engineers and they tweak and re-download the map. I had four re-downloads until I was satisfied. One area of concern for me with that engine was the initial throttle lag before the first turbo gets it's act together. By the time they were finished I was content :)

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