Keeps asking for system pin everytime I start the car

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So my S-type has just started randomly asking for the system pin everytime I start the car? (it was standing for 3-4 days before)

Once entered the radio etc all works fine.

Is this a sign of a new battery being required? Or is this a sign of the usual dreaded S-Type elctrical gremlins?

I've not checked the voltage yet.



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Hi Adam and Welcome to the club,

It would be worth checking your battery to make sure that it is holding its charge and that it is being effectively re-charged by the alternator. The S Types have a number of systems that keep on consuming power even when the ignition is off. The demand is not great but with sufficient time, and perhaps exacerbated by the cold weather, the power level may drop to the point where some of the electronics controllers are affected. Also, if the car has only be used for short journeys, it may be that the battery has not been fully re-charged by the alternator after each start/stop - short journeys can produce a decaying spiral in battery condition that ultimately leads to electronics problems - and can lead to battery failure.

Hope this helps,



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Its worth checking if your battery charging

if the battery is low, the voltage might get low enough to cause a problem on the stereo

it also might be worth checking your fuses as well, theres 2 feeds to the stereo,  a permanent and a switched feed, if you have lost the permanent feed, it wont remember the pin



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