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Hello everyone,

The nearside (passenger side) headlamp washer cover fell off my x-type yesterday, somewhere between Worcestershire and Lincolnshire.

(Until yesterday, I had no idea that the car had headlight washers, and assumed it was a blanking plate / must get round to reading the manual).

The parts link on this site, is not working for me, so I was hoping for recommendations, as to where to get a replacement cover.

The car is a September 2006 2.2 D SE saloon, in black.


I am guessing that the cover had frozen to the bumper, as it seems to have taken some paint off as well, around the hole.

I was using the window washers a lot, as they hardly work at present (I assume the headlamp washers come on at the same time, as the windscreen ones ?)


Any recommendations appreciated.


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Hi Craig and Welcome to the Club,

Best and probably cheapest approach would be to get a replacement from a breakers yard - and if you get really lucky it may even be in the right colour. There are any number of outfits that advertise recovered parts for Jags on Ebay so I just did a quick search that suggests you can get hold of one for around £15.

I'm not sure about the X Type but on my S Type the screen and headlight washers are controlled by the stalk to the right of the steering wheel.  Lifting the stalk toward the wheel activates both the screen and headlight washers and pressing the button on the end of the stalk gets the screen wash only - or is it the other way around - b%^%^r I'm going to have to check.

Thanks for the tip by the way, I had not considered the possibility of the covers freezing to the bumper, I'll need to keep an eye on that.

Hope this helps.



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Recommend you change the cruciforms which hold the covers in place Craig. The plastic ones degrade and snap very easily. Light alloy copies are readily available on fleabay. That should help to stop you losing covers, which cost roughly £25 plus VAT from a dealership and then need painting.


As Steve said, you should be lucky enough to find one in the correct colour, again, on fleabay.

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