Which one to get???

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Hi all,

i’ve currently got an Audi A7 black edition but looking to move to a jag. 

I’m stuck between the XF S, XF R-Sport and XE. 

The XFS I’m guessing will be similar performance to my A7 and there seems to be some decent deals about. I don’t mind going for the r-sport for cheaper tax and fuel etc. Other than the exhausts what are the major differences?

the other contender is the XE as some of them look really well. Excuse my ignorance but isn’t just the fact the XF is a little more refined? 


My A7 is frustrating at times because it’s so !Removed! big (and the missus drives it now and again). The XE looks similar but just a little smaller. 

Wil lprob be the PCP route so need to consider end value etc. 


Any thoughts and experiences from you guys?



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1 hour ago, Lewigreg said:


Hi Lewis, 

Comparing cars is a difficult job, unless you have driven them. I have been in both the XE and the XF, but not as the driver.  The XF is the replacement for the S type, and like its predecessor is quite refined, although a lot does depend on what optional extras have been fitted. The XF has been in production for 10 years now, with a facelift during that period. The XE is relatively new and does benefit from the new engines built at Wolverhampton.

The best bet when looking for a car is first to list all the items you need, and if you are buying from new, go to a reputable dealer with the list and see what he can do.

If you are buying second hand, find a dealer with quite a few showrooms and see what he has available.  I found an s type that suited my requirement in Dumfries and asked if they were willing to bring it down to their Birmingham Garage for me to look at. I got a 'phone call back to tell me that they had one that was not advertised on their website. They knocked £500 of the price and I have had over four years of trouble free driving.

Good Luck and let us know how you get on



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Thanks Peter. 


Ive been for a nosey today. Although nice the XE doesn’t seem to have a lot of boot space. We need it for the little one. 


They had had a couple of XF S in bit wee pretty basic. I like the black pack and a good few toys ;-) 


im leaning towards the XF S at the mo as a little nervous going from my 3.0L A7 to a standard XF  


ive attached the spec sheet from one I’ve been told about similar scenario where this isn’t advertised yet  


looks a decent spec 👍


thanks again 




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