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Aux input on s type stereo

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Unfortunately not.

There is a kit called "Audio Connectivity Module" (ACM) which allows inputs from RCA phono, iPad iPhone iPod, and USB.  This is a Dension item bought in by Jaguar and is ridiculously expensive, commanding prices of £300 for a second hand one on fleabay.

Very simple to fit and takes about 1 hour.

I have one and paid willingly for the benefit as it means I can use the touchscreen to control my iPod and it reacts to all the stimuli on the D2B network in the car and produces sound quality expected of the Jaguar's premium sound system.

You can get RF adaptors which require a radio channel to be tuned in but, and this is only my opinion, they sound crap. Others like them, each to their own :)

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I've got a jabra rf module which is pretty good so I will just use that.im sure the radio antenna in the jag is very good so should give a reasonable reception

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