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DAB Radio and Radio code

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Hi all, new here but finding the site really informative.

Today I bought a 2008 S Type Jaguar. Really like the car, is a good driving experience and for its age and mileage (84k) the vehicle is in good nick. Trouble is, the radio doesn't work. The garage I bought it from put a new battery in and the code is needed. Unfortunately  they don't have the code though they said they'd get it if I called them saying I couldn't find it in the paperwork. 

My first post has a few questions...

1. Will the vehicle have a DAB radio? I know I should know this but I don't. It never was a selling point in the adverts so I think most likely not - that said the owners manual does gave extensive information about the DAB radio.

2. I went to Jaguar this afternoon to see if they could help with the code, I was told they could but I'd gave to go back Monday when the Service department was open. Fair enough I guess.

3. If the radio isn't a DAB model, I will put n an adapter, does anyone gave any recommendation as yo which is the best / most compatible?

4. Does anyone have any information about breaking the radio code? Tried the pressing the buttons option, no joy, still if not it's off to Jaguar Swansea on Monday.

Thanks in anticipation, I think I an going to be a major benefactor of thus site.


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have a look at the battery reset, right at the top, tells you how to get the stereo back on without a code




Battery reset.pdf

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