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Hi i have just become a member so please fogive me if i am in the wrong place when asking this next question, which is

i have had to have a second hand gearbox fitted to my 2000 s type, i used a chap who came highly recomended so i went ahead

the gearbox is fine but when it came back the engine was very fumey on inspection i could see that the gearbox mounts have been disturbed

but there are no signs of the gearbox ever leaving the bell houseing and dose not respond engine wise as it used to.

My question is can a 2500 ltr engine fit straight into the place where the 3.0 ltr sat and where can i find the engine number many thanks Richard

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the answer yes, but not very easy

a 2.5 could be fitted instead of a 3.0 but it would need the engine loom changing, the ecu would be different and all the modules would need to be reconfigured for the new engine, so not a easy job

as for the engine number, have a look below





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