Sv8 problems?

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Hiya ! Looking at buying a sv8, around an 08 model. Most seem to have about 100k on the clock. Is there any major problems with these cars? They all have full history,  but not much more info on them. I cant seem to find out much about them on the internet, that would relivent on a 10yr old car.  Any info would be greatly received. 



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not sure too much on the sv8, but the engine similar to the STR,

engine are very strong in standard form, the str engine has a valley pipe/hose in the V, under the supercharger, thats prone to failing due to heat, about £14 for the hose, but the killer is the labour about £600 to £800

timing chains should be quiet and listen at the front of each of the head, as later cars had variable timing, which could wear and leak and some made a strange noise

supercharger coupling can also fail on well used engine, sounds like a tapping noise, from supercharger snout area

auto gearboxes are generally good, but require servicing at approx 10 years or 60k

should drive nice and smooth, there similar suspension setup to the s-type, lots of bushes and driven hard, can cause them to wear

check everything works, electrics are expensive, check the aircon, can be also expensive to fix if not working

have a look on vehicle smart app at the cars mot history, it will give you a good idea of the car condition




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Nice one mate! Thanks for that. Had an s type before, 4.0 v8, loved it. So not completely uninformed.  And I know about the boot seals and water ingress. Take it easy mate.....

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