Electric Seat Adjustments

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Hi there experts,

This is regarding a 2005 2.7L V6 disel S type Jaguar.

I got the car yesterday only!. Now the issue I have is that I can not raise or lower the height of the driver (also passanger ) seat.

Both seats, driver and passanger, seats moves forward and backward with moving switch forward and backward respectively.

If I lift the same swithc fron the nose sise, the seat changes it's angle by raise or lowering the front of the seat.

If I press the same button up or down, I was expecting the seat base to go up or down from the base to raise the height of the seat but that is not happening.

The question I have are,

(1) Am I not using the right button or doing anything wrong?

(2) Is height ajustment feature is not there at all ( I would not expect this as height ajustment is must and I  have not seen any car yet which did not have mechanism to raise or lower height of the driver seat)

(3) Is that mechanism has gone faulty?

(4) I will have to check the fuse, but need to know which one to check. no 5 or 16 in passanger compartment fusebox? Or is it no 11 in trunk fuse box?

(5) Is there a single fuse for both driver and front passagent seat adjustments?

(6) Am I correct in assuming  that there should be a single fuse for any adjutsments(height, front back, or angele)

(7) I read in manual that each electric there is a separater rear height drive motor, would that motor have a separate fuse?

I need to raise the height of the seat please.

Many thanks in advance and apologies for a long post.



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by moving the back of the switch up and down it should go up and down

though there are 16 way adjustable seats and 10 way adjustable seats

do you have a pic of the seat switch

its also a good idea to test all the electrics before you buy the car, may be a bit late now



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