Alarm won't turn off even with engine running

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I have a Jaguar x-type 2.5 v6 auto awd and just after fitting a new battery the alarm started going off for no reason it went off as I started the engine and now it sits in the drive nice and quite until I set the alarm it it will go off sometimes it will when you push the key fob then start again I tried the key in the lock and it didn't turn off started the engine and it still went off so to stop it I disconnected the battery and it turn off. So does anybody know what the problem is and how I can stop it as I'm just about to sell it and that will be hard with the alarm going off on the test drive.

thanks for any help

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when I changed my battery on a 2004 2.0d ….. I closed the circuit by holding down the" alarm bonnet switch" with a piece of wood and a clamp. with the new battery fitted, so far with mine all is ok, something to try ?  

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