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Hi All,

New to the site and new to Jaguar ownership. Just bought a 2009 XF Premium Luxury V6 Diesel with 62K on the clock and full Jag history. 

Love the car and have been looking for while as wanted something that would cover the 25K plus miles per year I currently cover and was lucky enough to find one with low mileage at a reasonable price :yahoo:

Any advice on regular maintenance etc. that should be carried out would be greatly appreciated. 



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Welcome to the club, Gary.

The XF is a nice comfortable car and the 3.0 litre V6 is an uprated version of the tried and proven V6 2.7 Diesel  [as used in the s type] to meet EU6 requirements.

It is well equipped with sensors to give advance warning of any issue that might pop up.

Use premium diesel, and remember that the battery will probably only have a shelf life of 5 years or so.

Enjoy your Jaguar!



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Thanks Peter,

I'll keep in mind about the battery as have no idea how old it is. I'll have a look through the paperwork. 




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