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Hi All

Joining up as I am on the look out for my first Jag, and I'm going in at the deep end with an XFR.

In the past I have always had Japanese cars and heavily modified them (yes I'm "that" guy). Most recently I had a Mitsubishi 3000GT with 550bhp. And since the little one came along I have always had to run a second car for carrying the family. Well now the time comes to replace the daily (a Passat Diesel) with something a bit newer. And after toying with the idea of a BMW 535D for a while I realised that for the same budget I could get an XF 3.0D with similar performance and on average it would be a year newer and have lower mileage. And lets be honest, it looks a million times better.

Not long into my search for a daily XF it occured to me that the early SV8 supercharged 4.2 cars were the same money as the diesels. So instead of buying a new Japanese toy as well as a new daily I have decided to combine the efforts into one all rounder.

And then again my eyes were opened even wider when I realised that for not much more money I could push up to the XFR.

So there I am currently. Waiting for the perfect XFR to come along at the right price. So far everything I have seen in budget has a brown interior...... Not my thing if I'm honest. Certainly not a deal breaker but if I can hold out for something I prefer I will do just that.

Look forward to getting stuck in here.


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Welcome to the club,  Max.

You are following the same system as myself for buying a car.

First decide upon the model you want, and then write down the specification most desirous.  Having done that, start looking.

I finished up emailing Jaguar dealers to see if they had what I wanted, and eventually found one that had never been advertised and was tucked away in the rear of their showrooms.  The price was right , the mileage and service record was good,

Good luck in your search.



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Thank you for the reply Peter.

Not a bad idea that. Might have to give a few dealers a ring and see what they have. So far I have to say I have only be searching online...

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