My first Jaguar, but the car has some minor issues...

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Hi all, 

I recently purchased a 2007 X-Type 2.2D Sport Estate and the subsequent service has thrown up a couple of issues.

There's a buckle on the NSR wheel (18" Aruba with low profile tyre as far as I can tell) and replacements look to be a little more than I'd like to pay for a single wheel. Given the number and depth of the potholes locally, I was wondering if I should put a set of 17" wheels on with regular profile tyres and what the pros and cons would be.

The other issue is the locking nut removal tool has stretched. I know the code and am wondering where I might source a replacement.

Oh, and I need a code for the radio, too. The previous owner wrote the code down in the manual but it doesn't work and it might be a while before I get the logbook from DVLA, so any ideas gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,



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If you phone a jaguar dealer they will usually tell you the radio code

or try this





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3 hours ago, JOE-DOT-COM said:


Thanks, Joe. I didn't have to input the original code, oddly. The display was reading 'CODE' and I just pressed the 3-key combination as a dry run and the radio came on.

Happy days...


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