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I got these from my foxwell can any one enlighten me?

well had a little go with the magic box and its come up with,

B1242 Recirculating air flow Door actuator circuit failure.

B1265 Cool air servo motor circuit failure

P010c Mass or air flow B circuit low

P010P Mass or volume air flow sensor A/B corrolation

Exhaust gas reticulation valve set-point 12.37

O controller -5-13

Valve 1 controller -5.00


Fuel pressure 27.6

Injectors      1.   1072          2: 773       3: 1144     4:  975     5: 1056    6: 918

Manifold absolute pressure senor 102.000

Mass air flow  0.640 

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the bottom 8 lines should be live data and should alter as you rev the car

p010c and p010p are not jaguar codes, I assume the generic ones by your foxwell, jaguar jtis does not list these, you would need to plug in with jaguar software





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thanks for the reply 

have been looking at the workshop and as you say cant find these, however I think the injectors are out.

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