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Hi all, 

I’m relatively new jaguar owner, but absolutely loving my ‘09 2.2d sport premium x-type! Almost 6months and recently passed MOT with flying colours 👍🏻

I’m  looking into having a tow bar fitting for occasional trailer use and  a rear bike carrier. Any advice on type and related issues would be really appreciated!! Seems to be a wide range of types, prices and I’m concerned about effect on economy (currently getting about 41-42mpg average)

cheers, Andy

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With no intention of 'hijacking' your thread I am also considering a tow bar for my 04 MY 2.5 AWD X-Type and just wondered if ALL models have the mounting points pre-drilled and threaded?

There are a multitude of tow bars out there for the X-Type ranging in price from around £89 upwards, (many with the electrical kit thrown in too), from the infamous online auction site!

In addition to the above I also need to know whether the rear section of the exhaust system needs to be removed in order to gain access to the mounting points?

Regards,  Martin.

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Welcome to the club, Andy.

I towed  a caravan for over 20 years with the last 10 years using a 2.5  litre V6 petrol Rover  the caravans I towed were over 1000kg and my mpg suffered by circa 5 mpg.

You will be towing much less than that and when I towed with a Rover 2.0 litre diesel I didm't use much more fuel, so in my opinion you will hardly notice the difference, other that a little wind giving a bit of drag.

A good tow bar fitter will know all the ins and outs when fitting a tow bar.  Personally I would for a tow bar with a detachable  tow ball.

And to assist Martin, no bits of the car will be affected --  other than a Small piece from the rear Bumper on a Toyota Avensis.



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