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Fuel Tank Straps

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After reading horror stories about fuel tanks falling out I thought it might be time to replace my rusty support straps. New straps cost about £13 each plus postage and VAT which brings it up to £50 something.  The straps have an eye formed at the front end and a reinforced hole at the rear, the right hand one has a bracket to locate two wiring connectors.

A 13mm bolt through the hole at the rear of the strap keeps it in place and a steel pin through the eye at the front located inside a housing / bracket arrangement supports that end. The bolt is no problem but to access the pin in the eye at the other end I had to remove both long underbody splash guards which was an unexpected pain. The housing has a hole at one end big enough for the pin to go through and a small hole at the other. The whole arrangement is very loose and I tried to push the pin through from the small hole with stiff wire but it's difficult to see when the pin is lined up with the large hole. I eventually stuck a magnet over the hole and moved the strap around until the hole lined up and the pin stuck to the magnet . Replacing the new straps was straightforward and everything was given a splash of underbody wax so it should be good for another 14 years.  As shown in the photo one of the old straps snapped as I was trying to wrangle it out of its location so they are certainly worth looking at.IMG_1407.thumb.JPG.0715a7087c63ac3f1d5552b0b846d401.JPG

Hope this helps someone contemplating the same job.


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Hi Khalidm

Sorry for the ridiculously long time taken to reply. I bought the straps from one of the dealers who advertise on the internet but I noticed recently that someone is selling stainless steel straps on ebay. If I were to do the job again that is the way I would go as the oe ones are quite flimsy.  When I find my perfect Sovereign which I have been looking for for about 5 years, I'll be fitting stainless tank straps.

Best wishes


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Thanks for the advise! The magnet did the trick in removing the strap.

The next thing I wrestled with was fitting the new strap in.

On installing the new strap, first fit it in (on RHD car, the left side was tricky), then slide in the pin, then fasten the bolt in the rear.

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