Full Gearbox service in progress! With the Launch 501

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The day arrived on Saturday.
Arrived at 9am. We hooked up with Launch ATF machine. All brand new.
New sump, rectangular adapter seal, 4 housing sleeves, plug sleeve, new bolts. 16 litres of Lifeguard 6. (a couple of extra just in case)

Bit fiddly getting the lines hooked up to the oil cooler pipes.
Added the Launch flush cleaner. Ran it through the gears for 10 minutes.

Drained 4 litres through the Launch.
Torx screws were such a pain. 3 had to be forced out due to the heads stripping. He broke 2 torx pieces! But all out eventually. New ones have much bigger torx heads!
Dropped the sum to drain the other litre.

Loosened some of the screws on the unit, another litre or 2 must have drained from that too.
Then we started with the output seal. removed the driveshaft ****** etc. Popped out the rear seal and this is where it went wrong. Wrong size seal!!!!
So drove away in the courtesy car.
New seal being delivered tomorrow!
He'll drop the mechantronic unit today and replace the rectangular seal, plug sleeve, 4 housing sleeves and sump.

once the output seal arrived he'll replace that then begin with the full exchange of the oil tomorrow.







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Just going through the relearning process (non sports mode).

Had VMTP Midlands do a check after, top up the fluid and reset the TCM adaptions followed by a test drive.

3 days into driving all feels good. 2 bumps occurred from 1-2 over 50 miles done but just hoping that's the learning process. It has high mileage so its never going to be that good.

bump from 5-6th has gone.

At least I know it has all new fluid now.


Fingers crossed.

Will check for leaks over these weeks just in case due to the movement of oil cooler pipes and the rear output seal changed.


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Plan on getting mine done this year.  is there a recommended service kit for them and is it better getting it done at an autobox specialist?

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