Birthday Treat - E-Type

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Hi all,

As an S-Type owner, I normally post of this forum, but thought it best to post pics and details of a birthday treat I allowed myself on the Classics forum, which I link to here.

Have a read if you can, she was a very pretty car and an absolute privilege to pilot for the day :yes:.

All the best, Russ

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Wow Russ what a treat indeed... and  a great Happy Birthday to yourself. Thanks for sharing the link too. I may have a look at that.



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Hey guys,

Yes it was such a treat! The car did not lack power, oddles or torque as well, it didn't feel mega fast by modern standards, but when she looked that jaw droppingly beautiful, it didn't really matter! Also, because of my respect for the history of the old girl, the hefty deposit, and the relatively busy roads, I wasn't going to be going mad and or sideways in her :w00t:

It was quite a blast from the past anyhow, manual choke, 4 speed, tendency to run hot, slightly iffy brakes! And while I briefly had an XJ6 with the same 4.2  (except auto box twin carb, not the E-Type triple carb),  she was more similar to drive to a MK2 GT6 I once had. Similar smells and sounds, except everything magnified and better in the E-Type!

Cheers :wink:

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