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Gutted after buying new XE RSport

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After buying the car of my dreams, it needed to go in for some work. Jaguar then gave me a courtesy car, that’s when the big problem developed, the courtesy car was a new FType so now I really don’t want my car, just want to keep the FType even though it’s averaging 21.7 to the gallon, I have fallen in love 😫

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R2e I really hope so, I know I won’t miss the filling stations as much as they will miss me lol I am expecting a Christmas card this year.

i wondered if there might be a legal president allowing to to just keep the F-Type given I was loaned it knowing they knew what it would do to my mental state and heart.


Nematode cheers mate, I am open to anything right now, especially as they contacted me today saying they are collecting tomorrow 😫 it doesn’t give me much time to say goodbye properly, I hoped they might just forget about it, straight swap only seems fair.

i did bye a beautiful XE R Sport, dark red with the black kit, but it’s just not the same, I even asked 65 workmates to give me a grand each but all I got for my F TYpe fund was a tenner! One said he wasn’t into pyramid schemes lol laughingly I explained he wouldn’t be getting bigger all other than to see the smile on my face.


maybe I should start a petition............

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