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Whilst we are enjoying fettling our newly acquired '92 XJS 4.0 facelift, we note that she sits on original type Pirelli P600 235/60 boots...........all XJS owners will know that these OE tyres are not easily available and come at a definite premium price.

In the event that we eventually may need some new boots, it is noted that certain Jaguar specialists indicate that a suitable alternative (without going down the budget "visit the scenery" route) is the Falken ZE914 but in 225/60 size rather than original 235/60.

Anybody had experience of fitting these and is there any discernible difference in appearance?

More importantly, we might be a little concerned that the effective overall diameter (rim + tyre) would be reduced by 4.25%...outside of the normal allowable parameters and, potentially, resulting in an over-reading speedo and varied auto-change speeds.

Info on any "hands-on" experiences would be welcome; naturally, if we went down this route we should have to change the complete car set.

P.S. Don't fret, Ron.....we haven't forgotten to post a photo or three and will get round to that shortly!

As always, happy growling

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Hi Carole,

You don't mention your wheel size but I will assume they are 17", personally I am running these tyres and I find them impeccable, silky smooth, fantastic grip and quiet.

If you like them I would suggest buying them directly from the UK distributor, the link is to the tyres on their site, with 4 tyres they give free next day delivery and they can be delivered to your local tyre fitter.


The link doesn't take you to the selected tyres, my advice is for the Weatherproof tyres.

I did a lot of research before getting a set of tyres myself, remember that the tyres are the only point in contact with the road, so getting it right is vital to feel, comfort and safety, these tyres are actually cheaper than most of the main brands as well.

Best wishes,


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Manythanks, Dominic

Our wheels are 15" running on 235/60R15 98W.....our XJS is a part facelift '92 (just prior to the plastic bumpers).      We couldn't agree more with regard to the "only point of contact" principle, and we never skimp on tyres.    There are some cheapo budget tyres out there but we wouldn't go anywhere near even with someone elses tyre lever!

We shall have a look at the link and see what we come up with; the OE are, of course, the Pirelli P600 but they are no longer in production.....there are stocks around here and there, but always at a premium price of anything from £220 to £476 a throw!

Again, many thanks and, as always, happy growling

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