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Hello chaps

Finally bit the bullet and got myself a lovely racing Green S type a couple of months back, absolute pleasure -occasional lurch unfortunately but thats life-
The car has the phone mounted in the centre arm rest, but when I press the call button on the steering wheel it goes into mute suggesting that theres no voice control from what Ive read 
The phone works fine

With that in mind, what parts do I need to install blue tooth? Does the built in phone have any of the modules needed for it, or do I need to buy all microphone, BTUM bluetooth module, and a bluetooth phone module?


Many thanks in advance


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The easiest option is to fit the later phone/bluetooth combined module

which is a direct replacement for the phone module you have in the boot, you will also need a bluetooth antenna and a mic, easy method

the more awkward method is to keep your phone module and add a bluetooth module in the armrest replacing the handset

only problem is your car is wired for handset not bluetooth, so you need the to swap some of the wires about in the connector in the armrest and the connector in the boot on the phone module, but this is only possible if the connector in the armrest has 8 wires, some only have 5, you would also need the mic as well

if you go for second one I can give you a wiring diagram for how it should be wired



later type phone/bluetooth module and parts


part number for the later module



earlier type phone module, bluetooth module and parts





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