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Hi guys

I have a problem with the auto box on my 1999 XJ8 4.0 it appears to be stuck in park,

I have done a diagnostic check and it has come up with the following codes




It appears that after reading other articles on the forum the p1646 code comes up regularly on X types

P0706 relates to the J gate or selector cable D to 4th switch or rotary position switch circuit.

P0358 relates to coil no 8 electric feed. I have fitted new coils and plugs in the last month as the car had a miss fire.

 Also since the car has been standing all the interior lights have stopped working and the fuse for the BPM keeps blowing.

Any help with the above would be much appreciated.

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Hi Kevin --The first thing is to welcome you to the club I'm sure everyone will try to help you with your problems.----

The first thing I will ask is --Make sure you are using the correct battery for the car and that it is fully charged.?????


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