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Hi have had my XF for a month or so now, only gripe was the sat nav keep getting lost, came with full set of map disks,  checked and found they were 2008 hence the problem , guess you can buy the latest version on line somewhere, anyway the diesel partial filter full light has been the a pain  for a week now, read loads of advice and watched a few how to videos, even tried a few of the methods like keep at 50 MPH with the revs above 2500 etc none of them worked, so went back to basics, first read how the filter works, then read the hand book and what Jag recommend you do, which I might add is different from the way many people quoting the hand book have interpreted it, so what I did today was first connect a blue tooth OBD2  and run the fault code check on my mobile, this tells you the fault code and what it is I.E the DPF, what I did notice is that the problem was being caused by the regeneration cycle not being finished, in my case think its because I had to do a lot of short hop driving recently much of it in traffic, the OBD2 wont reset this fault as its still present on the system, next I set a display up on my mobile using the OBD2 app to show live MPH, Revs and the coolant temperature, and then find a nice quite motorway, once on the motorway I tried different speeds and revs etc to see how hot the engine got, the key to the regeneration cycle starting is heat, once a certain temperature is reached it kicks in, the reason for the OBD2 device was to allow me to see how my driving affected the temperature, the only way I managed to raise the temperature was using speed, but for obvious reasons  going fast enough for long enough would not be practical, so feeling a bit deflated I pulled off the motorway turned round stuck the car in auto and headed home, one thing I had not really noticed was a red dot on the temp gauge on the phone display, thought  nothing of it and re joined motorway , I was travelling at normal speed approaching a bit of a hill when a car  pulled in front of me forcing me to slow down as we hit the hill the car was going slow but sat in the fast lane, my car had dropped a gear and as i went up the hill the revs were quite high I looked at the temp gauge and as i did it hit the red dot and bingo I felt the car change and after a while the warning light went out, once the dot was reached on the gauge it was easy to keep it there even at low speed I just used the paddles to to keep the gears low, so with my OBD2 and a bit of luck I have my baby back as she was, hope someone else finds this useful. 

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Welcome to the Club, Colin.

Your car will have the same engine and sat nav as mine.  I have never had the DPF warning light come on even though I do a lot of short rune, although I do make sure that I get a longer one once a month ---  a steady 45 mph is enough , though higher revs are still OK.  Sharing experiences are very useful!

Your sat nave disc for 2012/13 is available online for around £25, but that is the last one produced by DENSO.  I works OK as long as you are not in a new housing estate or a new Industrial Estate.

I was in Liverpool for three days last week with horrifying road diversions in the City that confuse the Sat Nav  ---  I had to refer to road signs and diversion arrows till I realised the the City Centre of Liverpool is close to the River  --  that seemed to be a boon for Doris and I was directed exactly to where I wanted to go.  




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