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Mid-alignment on rear suspension

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My 2007 2.2 D estate hit a pothole and smashed front spring with thrust bearing on passenger side. Replaced them but noticed serious swaying at rear with massive wear on insides of rear tyres. Slip test showed 11m slip per Km to the near side. Suspension tests showed up fine. Adjustment of toe was not improving things and mechanics said to get rid of it. Anyway I am stubborn so replaced all control arms in rear and now slip reduced to 1 m per Km. running tests on road now to check wear. Confused as to how the alignment could be so difficult to adjust without replacing the arms and yet they all appeared in good working order.

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assuming everything else was straight and secure. Cam Washer could have moved/ been set incorrectly previous to your ownership. (as pictured below)

or something was amiss with hub Carrier (also pictured below) not unheard of i can recall at least one issue with the hub carrier on this forum in the past few months, cant be an isolated case...



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Hi Rich,  I have it all aligned now. Just drove 600 miles and no sign of uneven wear so far. I had a good look at all the bushings on the old control arms and they all shows signed of being slightly perished. I took the car to a professional to realign the suspension after I replaced all the control arms and it was worth every penny.


I really like your parts diagrams - is it possible to purchase this software?



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