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Carole Simpson-Hadley

Jaguar Breakfast Club at JLR Classic

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MOH and I have enjoyed another great Jaguar Breakfast Club event at JLR Classic on Saturday July 07.   The JBC meets on the first Saturday of each month, normally at Gaydon, and is open to all Jaguar owners.  Just turn up, as we have done on several occasions.  See the Jaguar Breakfast Club website.

The most recent event was, however, at JLR Classic at Ryton where the car park was specially reserved for JBC participants, free entry to the facility, refreshments to hand (good value), and "wander-at-will" access to the entire facility......the D-type section, XK SS, E-type  reborn and Series LR reborn and RR reborn, plus the XJ220 section (there were a total of 9 XJ220 on site, one of which was available to purchase), plus, of course, the JLR collection with representatives of most Jaguar products through the ages, along with other delectable items which JLR have elected to keep, after the Bicester sale earlier this year.   A veritable feast for anyone with a leaning towards Jaguar/Daimler and/or LR products from time past.    Various technicians were on hand to chat to, along with some senior folk present and past who have made JLR Classic what it is now.

Story of the day, and somewhat priceless..........the main car park was given over to Jaguar/Daimler attendees for the JBC meeting, with suitably Jaguar orientated folk at the entrance.    When a gentleman in casual dress and baseball hat turned up in a Land-Rover, he was unceremoniously denied entrance and told to park on the road.       Oooooops........turned out to be none other than Dr Ralf Speth, CEO of JLR!  Oops, oops and thrice oops.      In fact, it was all taken in good part and Dr Speth seemed unperturbed, mingling with folk and generally being part of the event.

Next event is back at Gaydon (Heritage Museum) with the opportunity to browse the Jaguar Heritage Collection etc., (check  JBC website for details of admission payable for museum) and park on the grass in front of the main building and mingle with like-minded Jaguar folk.       

Didn't we have a luvverly day, the day we went to Ryton.    :thumbup:

Here's our XK Myfannwy at the front door, along with a few others (no photography in the workshop and collection areas), plus the penultimate photo which is of our latest purchase (oops, just woke up) and our garden which we returned to after the event (oops again, ok it's Charlecote Manor National Trust, so woke up again).      Happy growling







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****Just an afterthought, the September JBC meet is again at JLR Classic, this time an all day event to celebrate 50 years of the XJ.   You need to be booked in for this rather than just turn up, so have a look at the JBC website for info.

Oh, and by the way, Nico Brain's special XJ was in the workshop for attention.

Also, when you purchase an admission to the Heritage Museum at Gaydon (not compulsory, although if you don't, you can't get to the cafe), volunteer Gift Aid,and you get free return visits (unlimited) for the next 12 months.   We used our last ticket 6 times, and have already used our current one twice in a couple of months.   Pass the anoraks.

As always, happy growling


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