richard warry

Hi new S Type Member From Oxfordshire

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Hi all after years lusting after another Jag i decided to buy a cheap runabout for holidays etc its a 2007 s type 2.7with 78k on the clock  and how glad i am for buying it ok it has a few bits that need doing but for 2k what a lot of car for the money

Engine and box are a delight and the seats are to die for i had totaly forgotten how lovely these drive 

are there any local meetings in oxfordshire or do you go to Bisester Heritage  or is there ever a meeting at gaydon many thanks rick

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Welcome to the Club, Warry.

The JOC has had meets at Gaydon, and there is the Jaguar Breakfast club there [not a JOC event] open to every one on the first Saturday of every month.

But if you care to drive up to Tamworth on Sunday, 22nd July, there is a JOC event at Lancaster Jaguar Tamworth --  just a few miles off the M42.  You could even compare your 2007 S Type 2.7 D with 78k on the clock with my 2007 s type 2.7D with 78k on the clock.




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