2006 2.2D xtype . Need some help please

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Can anyone help me as I have my horn not working / front fog lights / rear parking sensor.

1. I have dismantle the horn and I had it connected to the battery . worked/ sound fine.

2. unplugged one of the fog bulb again connected to the battery fine.

3. I can hear the relay clicking when the steering wheel pushed for the horn and also noticed that the fog light sign appears on the display when  pushing for the horn.

4. the rear sensor no sound at all

Any help gratefully received.

Thank you

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sounds as if you are having problems with the electrics, you need someone with a multimeter to check your wiring from the fuse box/ check fuses, (blown) for any resistance in each of these issue's that you have posted. you my have a short or bad earth?  good luck with this, 


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