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Came across the forum as I was searching for Jag. tuners and read the interesting (but old) thread about it on here.

I used to own an old X-type for many years, but when I kept having to clean out the EGR valve regularly decided to go up to the XF (last year).

I now have the XF R-sport (black edition) 2.2D

Great car, but as I have been reading on here, it does have the problem with lag on acceleration. I am just awaiting a reply from a local tuner (quantum tuner in Coventry) to see if a re-map will help with the problem and how much it will cost.

My other car is a modified Toyota MR2 roadster which I do the show car circuit with (so not a daily driver!)



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Hi Mel, and welcome to the club.

I also found that EGR issues were common on my S Type 2.7 Diesel until the local car accessory shop owner pointed to Millers eco plus [Diesel] which has cured the problem.  I also use  Shell V Power [Shell station 500 yards away] which does keep the diesel fuel system  clean.

It could cure the lag on acceleration, which surprises me, as my s type has never had that problem.  But let us know how you get on.



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