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Ernest Dalrymple

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Sorry, caught me at a bad time.

This kind of tyre wear can result from Toe or Camber misalignment of the wheel and can usually be easily remedied. However, it can also result from damage or failure of one or more elements of the suspension system that can be more difficult to fix.

Your best course of action is to get the car to your nearest KwikFit or similar to get them to check it out. If the problem is wheel adjustment they will typically be able to sort it our thee and then. If not, you may want to get some estimates for the repairs and weigh your options.

Cheers again and heres hoping.


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if the rear tyres are wearing inside edge or outside edge, its either

rear tie rods, these set the rear tracking, rubber boots on them are prone to failing and the joints wear and have excess play

or various bushes, these can effect tracking, usually you can tell by looking at them

worth getting it sorted, one of my local halfords have a Hunter 4 wheel alignment and there reasonable priced aswell, they give you, pre and post setup print outs, with all the alignment info on them



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