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Hi Everyone,

Following the demise of my old Mercedes SLK after being "T-boned" by a sleeping driver, I was in need of another motor - quickly. I'd already decided to change as getting in and out of the SLK was getting a painful problem to have. 

After the crunch, I'd already seen an old S-Type which looked too good for the price (£999) and at that point I thought Hmm Summer/Winter motors. Well the T-bone decided that - and the generous Tesco insurance which paid out on the spot and waived my excess... I was "gobsmacked". Needless to say, this paid for my return to Jaguar after 15+years. I was lucky to enjoy an XJS 4.2 Celebration with only 12k on the clock back then ( a tad more than £999 though). For me, a beautiful car, almost too good to drive! Many years later, I had an X-Type 2.2 which although Jaguar on the badge just didn't seem the same as the XJS. So here I am, in an S-Type whose exterior (bar one dink) seems perfect and so do the mechanics. Just had an MOT, and had new rear shocker with no advisories. Being a car cynic - I'm waiting for something to go wrong, but for some reason I feel positive the new addition to the family.  Watch the forums and see if I'm right (or not). 

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Welcome to the club, Chris.

More drivers are buying  S Types and are delighted with this model.  I have said that the S Type of 1999/2004 - 2008 is a future classic. It does sit very well with the Mk1, Mk2 and s type Type [1965].

The re-engined Mk2 with the 4.2 litre engine will designed by ian Callum will soon appear but at £300k + there will not be a lot.

Enjoy Your s type.



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