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Centre Console Trim Replacement Rarer Than Hen's Teeth?


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Hi All,

Recently I had a bit of a disaster and dropped my phone and chipped the trim piece beneath the AC controls, I've looked around on ebay etc for a replacement but either I'm searching the wrong thing or the part I'm after is as rare as hens teeth.

I found no end of full centre consoles and the other veneer? covers in piano black but not this piece the closest I found was the below in wood.Honestly it ruins the interior so entirely that I wouldn't mind paying dealer prices if that is what is required but I will at least ask the experts first in case I am being as aforementioned idiot or there is a nice mod that would improve over OEM :)


2011 XF S x250

Much Appreciated


2018-10-07 19_10_30-jaguar xf 250 piano black interior - Google Search.png

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22 hours ago, AlexWard said:

I have that part and the 2 storage compartment trim pieces in my hand RIGHT NOW.. lol.. I may be persuaded to part with them (as i am in the process of amassing parts for an interior change)





DM sent.

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