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Glow plugs and amber gearbox problem


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Hi everyone,

Driving x-type auto 2.2d at 144500 miles. Owned for 2.5 years, always regularly serviced.

I now have a really weird problem - when I start the car from cold it starts and drives absolutely fine.

If I then switch off and leave the car for around 5/10 mins, eg to refuel or just a break from driving, on restart I get a flashing glow plug symbol and amber gear box fault. Car is in limp home mode and will drive ok up to about 40 miles an hour.

If I then drive like this for a bit and get the engine warmed up again, pull over, switch off and restart, amber light goes away. But if I switched off and left it for five mins, guaranteed amber flashing.

Next morning, from cold, no problem. Every time from cold it starts fine. Every time I pull over for 5/10/15 mins, flashing amber... Its regular as clockwork.

I always leave the car to run for a good minute or two after long journeys as I hear this is good for the turbo and wondered if this might have something to do with it...?

I've had the flashing glow plugs occasionally in the past but its never been a major concern, but now its happening every time I refuel which is obviously a total pain! (Fortunately I never refuel on motorways!!)

Very grateful for any ideas!


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Hi Nathan,

Some years ago a local club member had exactly the same problem  -- his 2.2 diesel X type would not start from hot.

He was advised by a main dealer that the glow plugs and injectors needed replacing  --  cost £1200.  Instead he had his engine Terracleaned at a cost of £115.  The car has worked well since.

I would suggest an even cheaper way.  I use a shot of Millers Eco Plus [diesel] every other fill up, as well as also using premium fuel.  My S type 2.7 diesel is delighted with Millers one a month!


Leaving the car on tick over to run for a minute or even a ten seconds rest after stopping does allow the turbo to stop turning and is recommended so I don't think that has anything to do with the problem.

Let us know how you get on.



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Thanks Peter. Very useful knowledge. I had the Jag terracleaned shortly after I purchased, just as a precaution, over 2 years ago. I mentioned the glow plug problem (it was the only blip with an otherwise perfectly running car) to the terrclean guy and he also mentioned injectors, and said if they are dodgy at all then the terraclean will finish them off. But we revved the car and poked around the engine a bit and couldn't see any cause for concern, so I went ahead - I did notice an improvement in performance and mpg, and the glow plug blip has not resurfaced since (until the last couple of weeks) - but this is now 2 years and 32,000 miles later!

I've never used an additive, but I know my garage does put one in when they do a service or check up, so perhaps this has been helping keeping things running smoothly.

So I'll try a dose of Millers, and will keep you posted.

Thanks for your help!

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27 minutes ago, Liam2016 said:

PS looking online I can only find Millers Diesel Eco-Max (rather than Eco-Plus) - I presume that is the same thing?

My error, Nathan.   I had given my son the last in the bottle and could not check up.

It is the same.


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