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Drivers door open warning light comes on when rear demist turned on


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Hi all

I'm new here so hope I've posted this in the right place. 

My title says it all really

I have a 2001 S type. Well my wife does. I only get to drive it when it needs fuel or MOT  as it does today. On the way to the garage I turned on the rear demist and the drivers door open warning light appeared on dashboard display. I've not seen this before and with just a quick look I can't see a door sensor but the door is most certainly closed. 

Any idea? 

I've just noticed interior lights come on with demist switch also. 

Whilst I'm on any ideas why radio has such bad reception? How do I get to back of radio to check antennae connection? 

Apologies if post looks bad, it was sent from my phone




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Welcome to the club, Neil.

Your S Type is an earlier model to mine so I cannot check out he faults on my car.

I take it that the door  open warning does not come on when the demist is not being used, so i would guess that there is something wrong with demist connection which also could affect the antennae which I guess also is on the rear on the car.

I could be totally wrong, and hope if I am those members more au fait with electrical systems will correct me and assist you .



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Hi Peter thanks for the reply.

I think the radio issue is unrelated

Yes the drivers door warning only comes on with demist button. I can turn the warning on and off using the demist button.

The guy who did the MOT suspected a cracked wire in the wiring loom going to the drivers door. He thinks the heated wing mirrors operate from the demist switch too. Now he's pointed this out I've noticed the drivers heated wing mirror doesn't seem to be working. 

The good news is the car  passed it's MOT. 



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