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S-Type cruise control


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Not a big deal but it would be nice to fix.  The switch is labelled + SET -.  Pressing it will engage cruise control at the current speed but subsequently, pressing + or - does not adjust as expected.

The car is in warranty but is this something trivial to fix?  The fact that the switch works suggests software.

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Hi Graham and Welcome to the Club,

I have to admit I'm not sure about this as I have never used CC with my current S Type but I did on my first which spent more time on the motorways than I care to remember. If I recall properly, always doubtful, the +/- buttons are not graduated and you have to hold them down a second or so before you notice an increase/decrease in acceleration.

If this does not work I have no idea what may be required to fix the problem but hopefully other members can offer more insights.



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Thanks for all the info.

The seller has agreed to look at this (and the front screen in which the electrical heating doesn't seem to work - sounds expensive!).

I have tried holding the switches down for longer than seems necessary but to no avail.  The fact that both will switch on the CC suggests that electrically they are ok.

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The windscreen was caged - £350.  The seller split the cost 50-50.

Following the steer, "JagRepair" reveals that the cruise control switches connect to the electronics via two wires only.   Determination of which of the four switches is pressed, is by change in resistance.  Quite an interesting solution.

That being the case, it seems unlikely the switchery is at fault.  It's off to Jaguar I guess!

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