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Electrics to a number plate board

Chris Hounslow

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Hello all,

I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I've bought a rear cycle rack for my XF, but when fitted it obscures the number plate and lights. My thought was to purchase a plate and light board that I can strap to the pushbike when it is fitted on to the rack, but I have no idea how it could be wired into the existing lights. Does anyone know if this is a relatively easy thing to do, or should I just admit that I am fat and 55, and therefore cycling is not for me!


Many thanks in advance.....

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Hi Chris, and welcome to the club.

I have seen several light bars across  cycle racks with what seemed reflectors rather than lights.  I would think a caravan dealer would be able to advise you on this, as cycle racks are common on caravans and motor caravans.  I admit to carrying my cycle inside the caravan up to about 8 years ago when we gave up caravanning and consequently cycling as SWMBO said I was too old to keep it up.  I was only 77!,  You have years to go.



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