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Upgrade sidelights and headlights

David mcinulty

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Hi Everyone 

Im new to this, so here go's ..

Im looking for an upgrade the headlights and sidelights for my 2011 jaguar xj. The one that are fitting at the moment are very poor ( this spoils a very good car) i've look on line and getting a bit lost with all the different options they are. Also if it can be done and do you need to take of the bumper to get at the lights.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction 


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Hi Davymc, 

I am a fan of the Osram bulbs. This should be an improvement. D3S - Night Breaker Laser Xenarc

But check out the fitment guide to be sure https://am-application.osram.info/en

Not the cheapest bulb but I think will definitely be an improvement. I will be getting some for mine when I have a few pennies spare. 


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