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Diesel Pump/Relay/Filter issue


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Hi all

New member here. Love my S Type Diesel Sport - really great looks and drive, I've owned for about a year and found lots of really good info on this site. I enjoy it so much more than any of the Audi/BMW/Mercedes company cars I've had. I really don't want to lose my Jaguar, so wondered if anyone could help.

It's been running great but one evening last week it started to idle a bit roughly, it was fine when driving. I could feel a bit of a vibration through the steering wheel and transmission tunnel where my leg was. Was ok later that night on a short trip, started ok etc. But in the morning I couldn't start it (it usually starts very quickly). A couple of times it fired up and I could rev a bit but then it would just die.

I had Green Flag out and they said it seems like a fuel starve issue, more than likely a fuel pump, fuse or filter. When I put the key in the ignition I don't hear any whirring like I think I used to, presumably that would be the fuel pump doing it's thing? I can't find very much at all on replacing fuel pumps/filters etc online, although I think I found the relay which is on the top line of relays in the boot fusebox - unless of course anyone knows different!

Is it best to kick off by changing relay, then filter, then if needs be the pump? Is the pump quite straightforward to do as a relative novice? Any tips on doing the fuel filter please? I've had a couple of oil changes/other work done in the year I've had the car, but not the filter.

I can have someone look at this but of course I can't move the car off my drive. I also quite like doing this sort of stuff - makes a nice release from the day job!

Appreciate it's a bit of a wide question but would really appreciate any pointers.




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,Bit of an update. Changed fuel filter, topped up with diesel - all ran as good as before if not better. Then at about half a tank I got the same problems, managed to get home. No fuel coming through filter/lines (but defo half a tank of diesel in tank). Added another couple of gallons and started fine, runs beautifully, took to garage and filled to brim with about 35 litres. I always used to fill up at around quarter of a tank as advised by previous owner. Does the tank believe it's empty and behave like it, maybe it's just 'crept up' now to half a tank being the new empty?! I do remember not seeing a speed bump and throwing the car over it at a higher speed than I would normally, then that night I got the original problem....

Anyone have any ideas on the potential problem please? Any experience of this?

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