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X-type electrical gremlins inop manual climate control panel + more


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Hi all,
I'm desperately seeking some advice on a number of frustrating electrical gremlins which I've spent the past couple of days trying to troubleshoot to no avail. Having scoured previous posts on the forums I'm left still scratching my head. It all started mid last week when the dashboard LCD manual climate control panel started intermittently failing to power up, on the first couple of attempts stopping the engine, switching ignition off and restarting bounced it back into life until 4 days ago when it gave up completely. I'd noticed at the same time the red immobilizer led just in front of the traction control switch was flashing whilst driving too although I'm uncertain if this would be related or not?

Needless to say it means the fan and temperature control, air conditioning and rear screen heater are all currently inoperable. In addition during troubleshooting I've found the following electrical components are also currently inoperable:

  • 12v front cigar lighter socket
  • All three rear stop brake lamps
  • Rear fog lamps
  • Reversing lamps
  • Anti-theft security alarm
  • Rear parking sensors and or parking distance control ecu

Troubleshooting steps so far:

  • Checked all fuses located in engine and passenger cabin fuse boxes
  • Fully charged battery
  • Disconnected battery and connected positive and negative leads together for 30 minutes (to reset ecu?)
  • Disconnected anti-theft security backup sounder (located behind inner wing arch liner)
  • Cleaned earthing points behind offside front headlamp
  • Checked and cleaned both engine bay multiplug wiring connectors (located by ns & os suspension strut towers)
  • Checked fuses for positive feed, a number appear to give no reading with the ignition on or off. According to the fuse descriptions most cover the electrical components that are currently inoperable.

Would any of you kind folks be willing to suggest where to go next or if the inoperable electrical systems I've found above have any commonalities (thinking relays, grounding points, know places for water ingress)?

Vehicle in question is a 2004 x-type saloon (sedan) diesel sport.

Thanks in advance and apologies for my waffle

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if this was the problem with my car I would start at ( cigar lighter) testing it for power, with a multimeter. if no power I would then start to trace it back right through the whole electric system using the multimeter, bad earths, continuity tests, current measuring too. until it flagged up with a problem, this is a long process but if done correctly you find the problem. then working my way all through the list of your problems, but a good auto electrician will also help out if you are not capable of carrying out this process. good luck with this issue.....dave.

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Quick update, I've successfully managed to trace the fault back to relay #5 in the passenger cabin fuse box detailed as "Passenger Junction Fuse Box Ignition Relay" in the wiring diagrams. Replaced with a new relay purchased from the local dealer parts desk and once fitted has rectified all the inop electrical systems.

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